Mr Kato Muka

Legal and Humanist Ceremonies Director>
Kato Mukasa,36 years is a trained Economist and Lawyer. He is the founding Chair, Past Executive Director and now the Director in charge of Legal Services and Humanist Ceremonies at HALEA.

Mr Lukyamuzi Joseph

Executive Director and Media and Communication Director
Lukyamuzi Joseph is 33 years of age and is a founder member of HALEA. He has been with HALEA since its inception in 2008 and has served the organization in various capacities from being a volunteer to a member, chairperson, Assistant Projects Manager now an incoming Executive Director and Media and Communications Director. He is a good debater and writer and has skills in the Information Technology world on top of being a professional journalist with a Bachelor in Mass Communication. He has written articles in Ugandan newspapers and often appears on various radio talk shows. He is an avid human rights defender and is outspoken on minority rights especially gay rights and has voiced his opinions on the issue on various conservative platforms. He comes with a lot of experience to the organization’s Executive Directorship and Media and Communications Directorship by virtue of his wide experience with the organization and also has good command of humanist ideals and virtues. He is expected to consolidate the gains made by the humanist community in Uganda and further open mindedness and free thinking. He has a personal ambition of fighting and rooting out mob justice from the Ugandan society which to him is the greatest threat to the spread of humanist thinking in the country and also would wish to see free thought and the questioning of dogmatic beliefs become an integral part of the Ugandan education system. Lukyamuzi takes over from Kato Mukasa. Let us welcome Lukyamuzi Joseph to the helm of managing the Humanist Association for Leadership Equity and Accountability.

Nansubuga Aisha

HALEA’s Chairperson
Nansubuga Aisha is a founder member of HALEA and has been part of its leadership since 2008.She is a trained journalist working with Radio Bilal and has been the Chairperson of HALEA since 2012. She is a great team player, a human rights activists and feminist who has used her radio programs to influence attitude change especially among the Muslim community in Uganda.

Mwebesa Robert

HALEA’s Secretary
Mwebesa Robert is among the first teens to enroll in the HALEA’s teen’s empowerment program in 2008 when he was in senior five. He has since worked as a peer leader and proven to be a strong pillar in the building of the organization. He is a specialist in hospitality and works in the leisure industry. He has been HALEA’s secretary since 2012.

Ssengooba Jude

Training and Evaluation Director
Ssengooba Jude, aged 23 has been working as the Systems Administrator at HALEA since 2011. He holds a Bachelors of Information Technology Degree from Makerere University, Kampala. With HALEA, he has been training teenagers and young mothers in Computer Skills, writing organization applications, reports, video coverage, management of organization assets (inventory keeping) as well as facilitation and monitoring of trainings and debates. HALEA has enabled him gain a lot of knowledge on humanism, and obtained skills in report writing, debating, interpersonal relations, computer and communication skills among others. By virtue of his technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills, he has been appointed ( in 2015) as HALEA’s Training and Evaluation Director and HALEA is hopeful that he will use his skills to develop, implement, and monitor training programs within the organization as well as conducting performance evaluations.

Namyalo Violine

Membership Director
Namyalo Violine, 20 years is a student at Makerere University pursuing a degree in Music. She has been part of HALEA as a teen’s Peer leader in the teens’ empowerment project since 2011.Working with HALEA has enabled her gain a lot of knowledge on Humanism, and obtained skills such as essay writing, debating, interpersonal relations and communication skills among others. As a multi-skilled person, she has excelled in guitar, piano and singing lessons, a talent she will bank on to be more resourceful to HALEA. She has been appointed as HALEA’s Membership Director and HALEA is hopeful that she will employ her energy, wisdom and skills gained to enable HALEA recruit more members and keep in touch with its current membership. HALEA expects great results from her input.

Wampi Hafijah

Office Administrator
Wampi Hadijah, 29 years, is a graduate in Bachelors of Business computing. She joined HALEA in 2009 as an intern and later as a volunteer. In 2011 she started working as the Accounts Assistant until this year when she was appointed as the Office Administrator. Working with HALEA has enabled her to acquire a lot of knowledge on humanism, interpersonal and communication skills. She will be responsible for a range of tasks such as preparing meetings, compiling factual and numerical data, checking cash flows, maintain accounts as well as managing the office.

Nakabaale Harry

Policy and Education Director
Mr. Nakabaale Harry ,38 years is a teacher by profession and human rights activist. He has worked closely with HALEA since its inception and has been in charge of school debates and essay writing competitions since 2013. He was elected Vice Chairperson of HALEA in 2014 and was recently appointed Policy and Education Director. Given his wealth of expertise in education circles, HALEA will greatly benefit from his guidance on matters of policy and education with a focus to introduce humanism in Uganda’s Education Curricular.

Nambejja Suzan

HALEA’s Treasurer
SUZAN NAMBEJJA, 25 years is a professional Computer engineer ( Makerere University). She joined HALEA in 2008 as a voluntary worker and in 2010 I was elected HALEA’s secretary and computer trainer. In 2011 on top of the above duties she was also appointed as HALEA’s entrepreneurship trainer and costume designer and she is currently HALEA’s treasurer . She is a great team player and human rights activists interested in empowering the marginalized youth in our communities

Jingo Isaac

HALEA’s Vice-Chairperson
JINGO ISAAC; 36 years, is an elected community youth leader in Kagugube Parish. He has worked closely with HALEA since its inception, a strong defender for human rights and a great mobiliser who helped in the mapping out f teens and young mothers survey in 2009. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Business Studies and he is currently the Vice Chairperson of HALEA.

Nakibuuka Sanyu Solomy

Web Administrator
She has been updating HALEA website and Blogs.

Namagembe Doreen

Social Worker

Namayanja Margie

Social Worker

Kisa Musa Kasonsole Kaggwa

Social Worker

Mr Ssenyange K Charles

Instrument Trainer / Producer

Ssenyange Paul
Music Trainer
Music Trainer

Dennis Lugemwa
Research Officer/ Social Worker
Research Officer/ Social Worker
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